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our trusted Partner for Camera Vision Systems

NTS is one of the pioneer companies in India specialising into Camera Vision Systems. Established in year 2005, we are a team of professionals with years of experience in Interactive Voice Response Systems, Hosted Voice Applications, Thermal Imaging and Machine Vision Systems. Our readily available Solutions are highly customisable to suit any scenario of Camera based vision application. Its highly scalable and accurate.

Our Machine vision System is a Package combining sensors (cameras), processing hardware and customisable software algorithms to automate complex or mundane visual inspection tasks and precisely guide handling equipment during product assembly.

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Camera Inspection System

Pioneer of Interactive Voice response Systems and Cloud Telephony Apps,we offer some ready to use hosted and on-site services.

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Talk to our Product specialist to discuss your requirement, our Camera vision System is highly customisable to your needs.

Quality control

Machine vision solution could be highly efficient and cost effective tool for quality control.

Niche Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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