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NTS has developed a range of interesting products with state of the art technology. A list of NTS products below. Click on each product to go to its corresponding page. We have On-premise as well as Hosted IVR solutions.

ON-PREMISE SOLUTIONS: On premise IVR system can be defined as Interactive Voice response System (IVRS) which is installed in the premise of the company who is using IVRS for providing various services to its customers. On Premise IVR systems are also known as “Legacy IVRS” which are normally developed specifically for the company, using native API functions of CTI boards.

We have developed many On-premise IVR solutions, below given is one of the case study of  Kaun Banega Cororepati (KBC):

Objective :KaunBanegaCrorepati, a large number of desperate peoples want s to be a part of it. At the first level, KBC organizers wants to filter all the participant through a quiz on phone.
Solution : NTS developed an On Premise IVR solution, where Callers call, and after a greetings and advertisement, they answer a range of questions. The information is updated at client side. It helped them selecting the callers provided correct answers, from the flood of the callers.

HOSTED IVR SOLUTIONS: With the introduction of Web services into the contact center, host integration has been simplified, allowing IVR applications to be hosted remotely from the contact center. IVR applications can also be hosted in the public network, without contact center integration. Services include public announcement messages and message services for small business. It is also possible to deploy two-prong IVR services where the initial IVR application is used to route the call to the appropriate contact center.

We have developed many Hosted IVR solutions, below given is one of the case study of  Husk Power Systems Pvt. Ltd:

Objective :HPS is having a number of plants, in Bihar and other region o f country, producing electricity. Common breakdowns let the workers, to waste time on making calls to personnel and asking them solution, a really time consuming way.
Solution : Hosted IVR solution from NTS, provided a platform on IVRS, where their workers can call and take the solution of general issues of plants, step by step. The system maintains the session for each of caller, so they can check and complete each and every step of solution. Email and SMS notification to Head office when any complaint is received through IVRS.

CLICK TO CALL SERVICE: This is a service that allows customers/ website visitors to directly connect to webiste executive. This call will work as Toll-Free for website visitor.

We have thousands of clients using ClickCall services on their website. Sikkim Manipal University, Tally Solutions, Travel Guru, Make My Trip and many more…

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