IVR for Pill Reminder Services

Automatic Pill reminder service is essentially an outbound IVR which is capable of dialing out programmed phone number of the patient at programmed time automatically without any manual intervention. When the call is connected, it will play a recorded message and then wait for confirmation whether the patient has taken the medicine or not. When the patient dos not respond the call or confirm the medicine taken, IVR will raise an alarm either by sending an email or SMS to medical staff responsible for the patient’s hospital so that some manual intervention can be taken immediately depending on the severity of the timely medicine!

Similar kind of concept could be utilized for automated Appointment Reminder by Hospitals, Clinics, Salons, Professional service providers and so on.

Read more about NTS IVR Pill Reminder Services at our IVRS Blog

NTS has recently implemented Pill Reminder service for a Chain of Hospitals in Mumbai.

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