IVR Based Complaint Management System For Industrial Township

Industrial Townships are normally located far off places from cities. These townships are normally a completely self contained city with buildings, flats, parks, schools, shopping complexes, restaurants, hotels, roads etc. Normally, all these amenities are managed by a dedicated town maintenance department. 

NTS has worked with such township maintenance department to provide automated complaint management using IVR technology. 

Before NTS provided them automated IVR based Complaint Management System, there were four human agents, which used to receive calls from flat owners for various complaints and record them manually in MS Excel, assign the complaint to relevant departments. And when complaint was attended/resolved, the status of the complaint was updated manually.  The reports were generated manually.

NTS has provided a dedicated phone number with PRI line where 30 people could simultaneously and lodge complaint by speaking. The message file will be recorded and stored and caller will be given a complaint ID number. Caller can call back again and using this Complaint ID number, he could check status of her complaint in the IVR.

Human agents now logs in to web based Complaint Management System  and select area of township for monitoring incoming complaints.  As soon as he gets alert for new incoming complaints, he listens to the recorded complaint, assign it to relevant department. 

The technician then receives complaint details on SMS/Email and visit the site to attend the complaint. When he resolve the complaint, he can call up IVR and change the complaint status to resolved.  

Now the township management department has reduced four human agents to two, reduced number of technicians  by half. They have also removed  their supervisor as the human agents are now doing all complaint assignments automatically.

Time for resolving any complaint has also gone down by 50%. Pictorial reporting is now available and monitoring of efficiency of technicians has become transparent.  


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