Hosted IVR based Complaint Management System for Goverment Agency

Client profile and Case Overview:

Client is one of the battalions of Indian Defense forces. A group of engineers from defense personals runs and maintains all the software activity and requirement in the department.

Defense forces have a pension department, which do every task regarding the pension of every defense personals. Maintaining records, pension distribution, calculations, deductions, etc. are maintained by this department. The issue was the number of complaints they received on the daily basis, are of general basis like information update, knowing important dates, allowances, TD claims and more. Hence it was leading to more consumption of manpower and resources, and longer respond back time. And yes a queue of applicants.


  • To allow the defense personals to lodge or raise complaints through some more efficient means, with a tracking tool at their end.
  • Auto escalation of complaints, ensuring the earliest of their resolution.
  • System to track every complaint, its history, due tasks, and assigned clerk or personnel.

Proposed Solution:     

To meet the above objective, Niche Tech Solutions provided the Hosted IVR based Complaint Management System:

IVR based Complaint Management System:

To lodge a complaint, the defense personals dial the Hosted IVR number, and interfaces with a user friendly IVR. It allows them to verify themselves with a unique ID, in case of unregistered, allows on calls registration. A successful registered complaint sends to the concerned mother unit or department according to complaint category, and escalated accordingly.

Advantages and Outcomes of System:

  • No hardware or software setup done by the defense department, hence no capital expenses.
  • Enabled the pensioners to get rid of long queues, and track every of their complaint, in just a call.
  • As being a hosted solution, working seamlessly, the support system runs 24 X 365, available at any moment.
  • User friendly IVR, in more than 8 languages, makes the caller comfortable with their familiar language. It also saves their first chosen language, and plays the same when called again, making a smarter system.

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