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News from NTS

Click to Call as an additional Revenue System

Team NTS is really excited with the response so far received for Click to Call services. We are loving the way we are asked to modify the Application to fit in requirements of various companies.

Recently we have integrated Click to call for an Online Career Counseling Portal which offers a chance to the registered students to talk to various Subject Experts. So far this consultation was Text Chat based however with Click to Call Application we have given it a Voice functionality. Now Students can directly get connected on Phone with Expert to seek advice and suggestion. Registered Students are allotted a  fixed “Talk time” which the consume by clicking on “Talk to Expert” Button. Best is the Portal has control over not displaying direct numbers of experts, Calling timings, recording the conversation etc.

Nonetheless, this feature has added another revenue stream by charging Students for this voice consultation.

We look forward for more such ideas!

SMS VAS Platform for Uganda

We are pleased to inform that NTS has successfully completed its first Project in Uganda for a Company looking for a Platform to operate SMS based Value added Services.  With National Short code 6500, the services are already launched with “Orange”.

NTS has offered a completely Hosted Platform to operate these services in Uganda

Click to Call for Tally Solutions

Tally Solutions, one of the most known Accounting and ERP solutions in India has implemented Niche Tech Services Click to Call feature in order to give an ease to the Customers to reach them just at a Click.

User shall enter his name and phone number and after hitting “Dial a Tally Expert”, he shall be connected with the Support Team of tally over Phone within seconds.

Services could be seen at

NTS IVR for One of the Biggest Game Shows on TV in India

A Client based out Mumbai was looking for an IVRS based solution to screen out the qualified Contestants for a very popular Game Show on Sony Television. Objective was to develop a very interactive System whereby potential Participants could call to register themselves and undertake a Quiz. The successful Participants are further filtered out to appear in the Game Show on TV.

NTS came out with an accurate Solution whereby at first stage a Database of Callers was collected (the Callers were asked to send SMS to a Shortcode). Agents at the Support Desk used Predictive Dialer to call out the Registered User and upon sucessful  Call and manual verification the Call is transferred to the IVR.

Ones the Call is transferred to IVR, User is asked to feed in details like date of Birth, Age, Profession etc by punching appropriate keys on the Phone. Finally few Random General Knowledge and IQ questions are asked to the User which have to be replied in given time. Upon the completion of Quiz the User is informed that he shall be contacted if his replies were all correct and he is one of the Luck Draw winners.

Whole System worked on a very accurate timing, key punches recognition, user activity controlling and most importantly usability.

Lacks of Entries were automatically screened and Shortlisted within a few Weeks time using our IVR Solution.

IVRS works as a great tool to automatically Screen out the qualified Participants weather it is a game Show, a Recruitment process or even potential Attendants to a Conference.

IVR for Pill Reminder Services

Automatic Pill reminder service is essentially an outbound IVR which is capable of dialing out programmed phone number of the patient at programmed time automatically without any manual intervention. When the call is connected, it will play a recorded message and then wait for confirmation whether the patient has taken the medicine or not. When the patient dos not respond the call or confirm the medicine taken, IVR will raise an alarm either by sending an email or SMS to medical staff responsible for the patient’s hospital so that some manual intervention can be taken immediately depending on the severity of the timely medicine!

Similar kind of concept could be utilized for automated Appointment Reminder by Hospitals, Clinics, Salons, Professional service providers and so on.

Read more about NTS IVR Pill Reminder Services at our IVRS Blog

NTS has recently implemented Pill Reminder service for a Chain of Hospitals in Mumbai.