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IVR Based Complaint Management System For Industrial Township

Industrial Townships are normally located far off places from cities. These townships are normally a completely self contained city with buildings, flats, parks, schools, shopping complexes, restaurants, hotels, roads etc. Normally, all these amenities are managed by a dedicated town maintenance department. 

NTS has worked with such township maintenance department to provide automated complaint management using IVR technology. 

Before NTS provided them automated IVR based Complaint Management System, there were four human agents, which used to receive calls from flat owners for various complaints and record them manually in MS Excel, assign the complaint to relevant departments. And when complaint was attended/resolved, the status of the complaint was updated manually.  The reports were generated manually.

NTS has provided a dedicated phone number with PRI line where 30 people could simultaneously and lodge complaint by speaking. The message file will be recorded and stored and caller will be given a complaint ID number. Caller can call back again and using this Complaint ID number, he could check status of her complaint in the IVR.

Human agents now logs in to web based Complaint Management System  and select area of township for monitoring incoming complaints.  As soon as he gets alert for new incoming complaints, he listens to the recorded complaint, assign it to relevant department. 

The technician then receives complaint details on SMS/Email and visit the site to attend the complaint. When he resolve the complaint, he can call up IVR and change the complaint status to resolved.  

Now the township management department has reduced four human agents to two, reduced number of technicians  by half. They have also removed  their supervisor as the human agents are now doing all complaint assignments automatically.

Time for resolving any complaint has also gone down by 50%. Pictorial reporting is now available and monitoring of efficiency of technicians has become transparent.  


Call Tracker for group of Hotels

Client profile
TME Hotels & Resorts is a renowned group which specialise in online Sales & Marketing for several Hotels in Rajasthan.
They give a great online visibility to Hotels which are associated with the group by managing paid campaigns, SEO, online advertising, e-distribution etc.

The Websites of the Hotels show up the Phone Number which are regular landline or mobile numbers. There was no record of calls whatsoever generated on these numbers, their source and any relevant information.

Spending lakhs of Rs. per month on advertising over Google, TripAdvisor etc, it became imperative to analyse the kind of Inquiries and business which these sources generate. Without this its almost impossible to measure the performance and optimize the spending.

Another challenge was multiple calls at same time,
TME used to lose out many calls/leads just because the Phone number was already busy or not attended in out of office hours.

Call Tracker Solution
NTS after consulting with the management at TME Hotels recommended a customised Call Tracker Solution to be able to fight out the challenge.

NTS gave out several Tracking Phone Numbers to each of its Hotels so that each number could be uniquely assigned to the source of Phone like Google adwords, TripAdvisor business listing etc. They also have access to a web based panel which do extensive reporting of calls generated on various tracking numbers.

An the result ...
TME Hotels proved to be a smarter marketer, it now has detailed analytics available to undestand which advertising sources are generating the Phone Calls/Leads and how are they performing. Not only this, the tracking Numbers also have a professional IVR system which is able to route the calls to hunt numbers in case if one number is busy, all missed calls are also logged in web panel, SMS alerts are sent to TME’s sales executives with caller information for better communication.

NTS saved more than 60% of advertising budget just by focusing on the sources which generated Calls.

Call Tracker Number on one of the Hotel’s TripAdvisor paid listing page


Web based panel for extensive Report of each Call generated


Self Service Voice Portal for India’s largest Polymer processing Company

Client profile and Case Overview:

Client is one of the India’s leading and largest polymer processing companies with innovative products in agriculture business. The company is also listed in NSE.

The client has a vast PAN India network of dealers & thousands of local reseller and distributors. The challenge was the number of requests of they were receiving every day on Phone, for example requirement for account summary, complaint about dispatch, sales, etc. Keeping track of such requirements and complaints on daily basis needed additional Resources.


  • To have a self service portal, where distribution Network can call, and log their interest in term of requirements, feedback, complaints, delivery dates or profile info.
  • Identifying difference between a registered distributor and non registered visitor, making difference in option to preset..
  • System to track every complaint or requests, its history, due tasks, and assigned to concerned department, let say marketing, dispatch, manufacturing, QA, etc..

Proposed Solution:     

To meet the above objective, Niche Tech Solutions provided the Hosted IVR based Distributors Service Portal

IVR based Distributors Service Portal:

Distributors call on the IVR number, and they get verified from the number they are dialing. If they are registered, system greets them with their name, and avail option for selecting language (Hindi and English). Further they can choose the requirement, or feedback or to complaint or to know the upcoming delivery dates. A detailed IVR menu, let them to choose the task, and sub category, refining their requirement.

Email delivers to the concerned department once the request submitted by IVR, stating the requirement and the caller’s number.

Advantages and Outcomes of System:

  • No hardware or software setup done by the defense department, hence no capital expenses.
  • Self service portals, allowing distributors to do general task, even from remote areas.
  • As being a hosted solution, working seamlessly, the support system runs 24 X 365, available at any moment.
  • Email and SMS alerts, keeping the department informed about every activity of IVR.
  • Rich featured Web portal helps them to analyze the calls, number of requirements or complaints, and prepared reports.

Hosted IVR based Complaint Management System for Goverment Agency

Client profile and Case Overview:

Client is one of the battalions of Indian Defense forces. A group of engineers from defense personals runs and maintains all the software activity and requirement in the department.

Defense forces have a pension department, which do every task regarding the pension of every defense personals. Maintaining records, pension distribution, calculations, deductions, etc. are maintained by this department. The issue was the number of complaints they received on the daily basis, are of general basis like information update, knowing important dates, allowances, TD claims and more. Hence it was leading to more consumption of manpower and resources, and longer respond back time. And yes a queue of applicants.


  • To allow the defense personals to lodge or raise complaints through some more efficient means, with a tracking tool at their end.
  • Auto escalation of complaints, ensuring the earliest of their resolution.
  • System to track every complaint, its history, due tasks, and assigned clerk or personnel.

Proposed Solution:     

To meet the above objective, Niche Tech Solutions provided the Hosted IVR based Complaint Management System:

IVR based Complaint Management System:

To lodge a complaint, the defense personals dial the Hosted IVR number, and interfaces with a user friendly IVR. It allows them to verify themselves with a unique ID, in case of unregistered, allows on calls registration. A successful registered complaint sends to the concerned mother unit or department according to complaint category, and escalated accordingly.

Advantages and Outcomes of System:

  • No hardware or software setup done by the defense department, hence no capital expenses.
  • Enabled the pensioners to get rid of long queues, and track every of their complaint, in just a call.
  • As being a hosted solution, working seamlessly, the support system runs 24 X 365, available at any moment.
  • User friendly IVR, in more than 8 languages, makes the caller comfortable with their familiar language. It also saves their first chosen language, and plays the same when called again, making a smarter system.

Smart Connection Solution for Sikkim Manipal University

Sikkim Manipal University, recognized by the Distance Education Council, UGC and HRD Ministry, the programs of SMU-DE today caters to more than 4lakh+ students across India through 6500 mentors and 725+ learning centers.

SMU-DE was accepting the Inquiries from Prospective Students looking for information about various Courses and Admissions from its Website. There was a lag time between recieving the Inquiry and contacting back the Student for counseling as it took time to route it to respective Center and Counselor.

NTS enabled the Web Application which process the Student Inquiry to automatically generate a Call conference between the Student and the Counselor of particular College in which Student has shown interest. The Call is initiated within 30 seconds of prospective Student submitting the Inquiry Form.

System did not only help the Student but also worked a charm for SMU-DE. The Response time was reduced from days to seconds and Prospect gets to talk with Counselor of College of his interest immediately. System highly improved the process of exchaging information ad maximisig the chance of Admission.