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Client profile
TME Hotels & Resorts is a renowned group which specialise in online Sales & Marketing for several Hotels in Rajasthan.
They give a great online visibility to Hotels which are associated with the group by managing paid campaigns, SEO, online advertising, e-distribution etc.

The Websites of the Hotels show up the Phone Number which are regular landline or mobile numbers. There was no record of calls whatsoever generated on these numbers, their source and any relevant information.

Spending lakhs of Rs. per month on advertising over Google, TripAdvisor etc, it became imperative to analyse the kind of Inquiries and business which these sources generate. Without this its almost impossible to measure the performance and optimize the spending.

Another challenge was multiple calls at same time,
TME used to lose out many calls/leads just because the Phone number was already busy or not attended in out of office hours.

Call Tracker Solution
NTS after consulting with the management at TME Hotels recommended a customised Call Tracker Solution to be able to fight out the challenge.

NTS gave out several Tracking Phone Numbers to each of its Hotels so that each number could be uniquely assigned to the source of Phone like Google adwords, TripAdvisor business listing etc. They also have access to a web based panel which do extensive reporting of calls generated on various tracking numbers.

An the result ...
TME Hotels proved to be a smarter marketer, it now has detailed analytics available to undestand which advertising sources are generating the Phone Calls/Leads and how are they performing. Not only this, the tracking Numbers also have a professional IVR system which is able to route the calls to hunt numbers in case if one number is busy, all missed calls are also logged in web panel, SMS alerts are sent to TME’s sales executives with caller information for better communication.

NTS saved more than 60% of advertising budget just by focusing on the sources which generated Calls.

Call Tracker Number on one of the Hotel’s TripAdvisor paid listing page


Web based panel for extensive Report of each Call generated


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