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NTS has delivered Click to Call Solution to Delhi based Weblink Net India Pvt Ltd which operates B2B and B2C Directory Portals like

Any potential Lead on shall now have an option to connect to the Merchant for FREE over Phone within seconds. It doesn’t only help in improving conversion ratio but also works as a great tool for Lead capturing. Potential Lead clicks on the “Call us Now” button displayed on Merchant’s Listing and put his Name & Phone Number. As soon as Call button is hit, NTS Click to Call Solution dials out the calls and connect them. There is an IVR element involved which controls the Call process, Call progress, Cutomised Voice Greetings, Option of a Voicemail in case Merchant is unable to take up call etc.

Solution is enhanced by SMS Interactivity, after a successful call or a Voice mail Merchant and Lead are notified immediately with an SMS about contact numbers.

NTS has delivered the solution based on API integration and it comes completely as a White Label Solution.

NTS developed World’s first IVR System to Broadcast Bible

1st August 10

NTS has developed and launched one of the most unique IVR services in world for Trivendrum based “Christ Gen Media”. The efforts made by Christ Gen Media which is the only “Christian Media Ministry from India Sub Continent” to Broadcast Bible over IVR reaped the functional system in less than 6 weeks time.

This Unique IVR has been launched for public access from today. More importantly its a Call back services. Users shall dial in the System and get disconnected immediately. System shall call back the user and play the Menu to select from various options like Listen to Audio Bible, Christian Songs, Daily Devotion, Today’s Sermon etc. User is given a choice to chose from old Testament and new Testament. Further User can chose a particular Chapter to be played from a specific book.

Presently the System is working in 2 languages i.e. English and Malayalam, Christ Gen Media has plans to put Hindi and Tamil versions soon too.

All the very best to Christ Gen Media for this great effort!

NTS powered Rajasthan Patrika Voice Portal 56969 launched across India

Rajasthan Patrika, one of the most reputed Daily national News Paper in expansion spree has launched its Voice Portal 56969 in Reliance CDMA and GSM Network across India.

Niche Tech Services and Rajasthan Patrika joined hands 5 years back to start with SMS VAS (All India in various operators) which was then extended to IVR VAS also to offer services in Rajasthan Circle in BSNL. After this launch 56969 IVR services are now available across India to all Reliance GSM and CDMA subscribers.

NTS to tie up with Uninor for VAS

Niche Tech Services (NTS) is in process to launch the Value Added Services in Uninor within few weeks to come. The services shall be in all the Circles.

Uninor, a product of Unitech Wireless, which is a joint venture between real estate giant Unitech and Norway based Telenor, was launched 4th December 2009. The launch took place simultaneously in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand.

The Uninor GSM mobile service would be spread over 1000 distributors and available to customers from about 1000 points of sale. About 12000 base stations have been setup to support Uninor India in seven telecom circles.

NTS is already operating a SMS VAS Channel 56877 in Reliance Telecom all India GSM and CDMA Network.