Click to Call as an additional Revenue System

Team NTS is really excited with the response so far received for Click to Call services. We are loving the way we are asked to modify the Application to fit in requirements of various companies.

Recently we have integrated Click to call for an Online Career Counseling Portal which offers a chance to the registered students to talk to various Subject Experts. So far this consultation was Text Chat based however with Click to Call Application we have given it a Voice functionality. Now Students can directly get connected on Phone with Expert to seek advice and suggestion. Registered Students are allotted a  fixed “Talk time” which the consume by clicking on “Talk to Expert” Button. Best is the Portal has control over not displaying direct numbers of experts, Calling timings, recording the conversation etc.

Nonetheless, this feature has added another revenue stream by charging Students for this voice consultation.

We look forward for more such ideas!

One thought on “Click to Call as an additional Revenue System

  1. Kushal Parmar

    We are a education counselling company over phone, when students call us, they should be charged higher rates, so that we can recover our counselling expenses.
    Please let me know if you have solution for this.
    Thank you.


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