NTS launches Click to Call services in India

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Clickcall.in has recently launched “Click To Call” service in India. It is hosted IVR solution where website owner can sign up, buy outgoing calls and then put a “Call Me Now” button on their website. Hosted IVR at the back of this “Click To Call” would make two outbound calls, one to the website visitor number and the to the “website number” which website owner can configure. Once both calls get connected, these two calls are bridged.

“Using the CLICK to CALL services one can host their own call center, without investing a single penny. Business Website can provide CLICKCALL service on their website, visitor of that website will enter his/her number and click on Call Me. Instantly a call will be setup between the visitor and the business executives. This service promises to convert the website visitors to future customers. Among the features of CLICKCALL, one can login to the website and assign different numbers for different services according to the dept. The best feature of CLICKCALL is one can use unlimited number of phone numbers.” Clickcall Press Release.

This service almost acts like a toll free number as website visitor does not pay for making calls to website telephone. Also since this call is initiated by the visitor, one can does not have to receive those much hated tele-marketers calls!

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